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This is an implementation of the Chinese Whispers clustering algorithm in Python. Since this library is based on NetworkX, it is simple to use.


  • pip: pip install chinese-whispers
  • Anaconda: conda install -c conda-forge chinese-whispers
  • Mamba: mamba install -c conda-forge chinese-whispers


Given a networkx.Graph G, this library can cluster it using the following code:

from chinese_whispers import chinese_whispers
chinese_whispers(G, weighting='top', iterations=20)

As the result, each node of the input graph is provided with the label attribute that stores the cluster label.

The library also offers a convenient command-line interface (CLI) for clustering graphs represented in the ABC tab-separated format (source\ttarget\tweight).

# Write karate_club.tsv (just as example)
python3 -c 'import networkx as nx; nx.write_weighted_edgelist(nx.karate_club_graph(), "karate_club.tsv", delimiter="\t")'

# Using as CLI
chinese-whispers karate_club.tsv

# Using as module (same CLI as above)
python3 -mchinese_whispers karate_club.tsv

A more complete usage example is available in the example notebook and at

In case you require higher performance, please consider our Java implementation that also includes other graph clustering algorithms:


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